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NostraData is an analytics and technology firm established to help healthcare providers drive better outcomes for their organisation and the community.

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What do we do?

NostraData is a proud supporter of pharmacies and pharmacy suppliers. NostraData was started to improve access to information across the pharmacy supply chain and we are connected to more than 4,500 pharmacies across Australia. Our services help pharmacies identify opportunities in both their dispensary and retail through reporting and analytics, as well as support rebate payments from suppliers and patient adherence programs.

We like to build relationships

That's why we have connected thousands of retailers to their suppliers in a way that means both sides win. Retailers get rewarded for their effort and suppliers get unprecedented visibility of their sales.

What kind of data?

We do not extract Personally Identifiable Information, such as names or addresses of patients and doctors. We do extract information from the following databases if permission has been granted:

  • Loyalty
  • Point of Sale and Dispensary Data
  • Productivity (including footfall and resource management)

We only take what we need to provide services to you and your suppliers, and no pharmacy-identifiable information is shared with unrelated entities without your permission.

What's next?

Are you a business that needs cleaner, smarter access to the information you hold? Would you like ideas on how to get closer to your customers? Speak with us today, we'd love to help.

Market Analysis

NostraData provides leading technology solutions to more than 4,500 retail outlets with visually rich, actionable insights about store and group performance. Solutions are available in desktop and mobile versions and leverage the latest global retail key performance metrics without all the jargon or overwhelming tables of data. Our scale means that your solution is affordable and rapidly self-funding. Our aim is to keep you focused on your business; not to become an analyst.

How do we do it?

We’ve developed some special technology that allows us to safely and securely collect only the information we need to provide services to you. We then load, cleanse, map, stack and rack the data in visually stunning reports or as simple datasheets; however it is required. Our years of development and experience mean that we have the cleanest and most accurate data in the industry. Thanks to our partners, we can benchmark, predict, analyse and consult with you on how to maximise the opportunities you have before you.

Optimise your performance

NostraData and its partners have delivered sales targeting and optimised territory plans to dozens of manufacturers. Our solutions are unique and leverage multiple sources of information - some exclusive to us - that ensure you are getting highly accurate, collaborative targeting for your sales force. In addition, the optimisation of these territory plans have saved clients millions of kilometres of travel, not to mention maximising the productivity of the deployed sales force.

CarePro is your patient connection

What would it look like if you could create a program that would identify patients at risk, alert the pharmacist and track intervention for better health outcomes? Pharmacists have access to NostraData’s powerful analytics to do just that, without ever compromising the integrity of the pharmacy-patient relationship. If you have a high-involvement or complex medical pathway that could do with a little help, CarePro might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Committed to Hospital Optimisation

Together with our partners, NostraData is focused on building valuable connections with hospitals to help manage current issues such as preventable readmission and supply issues. From community tracing, research and intervention to tender compliance and management, we have solutions that fit many challenges hospitals face today.

How loyal are your customers, really?

New cutting edge loyalty analytics paired with whole-of-customer persona modelling enable pharmacies and their suppliers to delve into never-seen-before insights on consumer behaviour. This leads to valuable calls to action on campaign, multichannel and tailored campaigns.

Animal Health

Our furry companions need support, too. Applying similar principles and analysis to veterinary data provides the supply chain with further insights and actions to ensure we deliver the best value throughout the supply chain.

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Sarah Grayling
Business Support

Maree Dunn
Business Support

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Business Support

Dan Glaser
ICT Systems Support

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Business Analyst

Akash Singh
Data Analyst

Vincent Castillo
Data Strategist

Nick Biggs
Business Manager

Andrew Knight
Technical Customer Support

Nimitha Tom
Informatica Engineer

Usha Palla
Data Integration Specialist

Admir Dedic
Head of Production Services

Systems and Application Developer

Usama Atique
Business Intelligence Developer

Michael Treloar
Data Engineer

Junchen (Chen) Wang
Insights Specialist

Colin Stewart
Systems Administrator

Ahmer Siddiqui
Head of New Products and Analytics

Tanya Brown

Litsa Xenos
Office Manager

Cingdy Poernomo
Retail Operations Manager

Min Guo

Matthew Rees
Commercial Consultant

Jim Xenos

Mike Da Gama

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NostraData is an analytics and technology firm established to help healthcare providers drive better outcomes for their organisation and the community.

Nostradata is an ISO certified organisation

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